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And I Feel Fine (feature film)

“And I Feel Fine” follows estranged sisters Morgan and Annika in the last days of 1999 in the lead up to Y2K. As New Year’s Eve looms closer Morgan’s sense of dread builds and she begins preparing for the worst. Meanwhile her older sister Annika, fresh out of rehab, believes Morgan needs to take a chill pill. Annika brings  Morgan out of her sheltered bubble for one final hurrah of crashing parties, inadvisable make outs, outsmarting cops and exacting revenge. When the clock rolls over to midnight and the world doesn’t glitch out, Morgan and Annika are finally forced to stop lying to themselves and let each other in again.

This is a story about the bonds of sisterhood, finding love and hope in the face of crisis and that leaning on the people does not make you a burden.

And I Feel Fine is currently being developed with the support of the Canadian Arts Council's Explore and Create grant.

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