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Erin's Guide To Kissing Girls (short)


Erin's Guide to Kissing Girls follows Erin Hallard, a spunky, headstrong twelve year-old girl in her attempt to woo the coolest girl in school, Sydni Hunter with the help of her best friend and partner in crime, Liz Johnson. However as Erin becomes wrapped up in her mission to get Sydni to go to the dance with her, it starts to put a strain on her friendship with Liz as Liz begins to feel less important in Erin's life.

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Creative Team

Writer/Director: Julianna Notten

Producers: Claire Allore, Madeline Lemire

DoP: Hayley Wong

Production Designer: Jaina Town

Picture Editor: Adin Dell

Sound Designer: Matthew Kinahan

Composer: Laura Barret 

Distributor: Frameline

Imagine This Film Festival (18)

Desperado LGBT Film Festival (18)

Toronto Independent Film Festival (18)

Indianapolis LGBT Film Festival (18)

ReelQ: Pittsburgh (18)

Rainbow Reels Waterloo Film Festival (18)

Reel Q Film Festival (18)


“Best Young Woman Storyteller award” 

Girl Power Film and Media Submit

“Industry Choice Award”

“International Jury Award”

Toronto Youth Shorts Festival


Frameline42 (18)

Girl Power Film and Media Submit (18)

Toronto Youth Short Fest (18)

OUTshine Film Festival (18)

Female Eye Film Festival (18)

Regent Park Film Festival (18)

Reeling: The Chicago LGBTQ+ International Film Festival (18)

Sudden Impulse Film Festival (18)

Toronto Short Film Festival (18)

Portland Kids Film Festival (18)

Kids First! (18)

FIN Kids Festival Tour (18)

Eve Film Festival (18)

Queer North Film Festival (18)

Some prefer Cake Film Festival (18)

Long Beach QFilms Festival (18)

PROUD! Film Festival (18)

Queerbee Film Festival (18)

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