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Script Consultation


As a screenwriter actively working in the industry, I understand the ins and outs of script structure and the value of fresh eyes on a project. I have consulted many scripts from shorts to features to pilots and my clients have ranged from students to seasoned professionals. I have my BFA in film studies from Toronto Metropolitan University (formally Ryerson) as well as my screenwriting certificate from George Brown College. I have written many of my own award-winning screenplays and look forward to helping you write your own! 


My main goal in giving notes is to inspire the writer to go back to the page and make a plan for your next draft or next stage of the writing process with precise, actionable notes. I will identify the areas of your script/idea that are working and the areas that may need some more attention. 


Each consultation will begin with a short conversation between the two of us where I will find out what sort of notes you are looking for, and particular problems or blocks you are working through so I can provide notes specifically tailored to your screenplay. 


Depending on the length of the document I will often take 2 - 3 weeks to get back to you with my written notes and our follow up will be booked shortly after that.

Researching and Writing

idea consultation

Send me your one-pager outlining your script idea/concept and I will provide a set of typed notes as well as a 30 - 60 minute recorded consultation to discuss



Send me the first act of your screenplay (first 15 - 30 pages) plus a 1 - 2 page synopsis of the whole plot. I will provide detailed notes on best paths forward as well as a 60 - 90 minute recorded consultation to discuss



Send me your feature script (up to 120 pages) and I will provide a detailed set of notes and recorded 60 - 90 minute script consultation that addresses and fixes structural issues and provides creative notes on story


ongoing consulting

Six separate hour-long sessions spaced two weeks apart reviewing the progress of your script and providing concrete notes and action items week by week to get it where it needs to be



Providing detailed authenticity notes that speak specifically to my experience as a queer woman and survivor plus 30 - 60 minute recorded consultation


*If you are a student or self-identified minority with traditionally limited access to the industry, pricing may be subject to change


It was my extreme pleasure to work with Julianna every step of the way. She provided detailed notes on a short screenplay for me and was professional, prompt and thoughtful. Her notes were concise and helped me think of new ways to explore my story and characters. I would be delighted to work with her again on this or future projects. 

Lynn Matheson / Screenwriter

Julianna has been a great resource for my growth as a screenwriter. Not only does she know what she’s talking about with story structure and character development, she’s so lovely to work with! Her talent lies in breaking down the beats and letting you know where you can enhance emotions, dialogue, and plot. I would highly recommend anyone to send their scripts or outlines to her as I’ve received valuable feedback that has taken my stories and scripts to the next level.

Janet Rose Nguyen / Screenwriter and Actor

Julianna provided excellent notes on my pilot. She helped me find the story problems and focus on what is working, while leaving behind what isn't. Her notes really showed me how my script is landing when being read cold, and how I can make it as strong as it can possibly be. Her service is prompt, efficient and detailed--exactly what one needs when looking for help taking a script to the next level.

Lisa Lagace / Screenwriter

Julianna was very patient with me in regards to the creative process. She understood the time and energy that goes into writing and really seemed to enjoy my work. Her notes were thoughtful and insightful. Thanks to her, I was able to shed light on previously neglected aspects of my story, allowing me to dive further into my theme and characters.

Toby Marks / Screenwriter

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